how to decide what language to learn?

which foreign language is best to learn

 Still confused in choosing a best foreign language to learn?

Once in a lifetime, we all thought about to learn a foreign language because it's interesting to learn something different and we all know foreign languages are too much in demand but only few can succeed in this process, why? because learning a new language can open anonymous ways to build the desired career but it demands hard work. A foreign language can be the best option for a career but we have to play smart in choosing a language to learn. I know volcano of queries is about to burst out but you don't need to worry, every question will be solved, you just have to read this wisely and at the end of this article, you will definitely leave with an answer of how to choose best foreign to learn. 

well, open your mind, no no not in that way 😉😜
 I mean just stay focused on these three points mentioned below:  
  •  It completely depends on an interest first then we should think about can we learn it because if you choose Spanish over German or Chinese over Japanese just because of popularity, friends are doing the same, have read amazing pros about the particular language etc. then I must say you are not going in a right way. Choose your interest, what language do you feel you want to learn, do you know or like a culture of particular foreign language speaking country, ever try to search about it before and many other aspects are there when you think of your interest. 
  • Always choose what is the career after learning a language or which foreign language is beneficial for the career. It will clear many doubts to like is it really worth studying a particular language in your area, how many jobs or companies are in your place related to particular language, how much you can earn with this, can you actually give your best in the particular career you choose such as translating demands best writing skills, grasp over vocabulary and interpretation demands fluency in speaking a language, confident enough to talk with native speakers etc. so always choose what are the career after doing language and choose which foreign language has more job opportunities.
  • Most important part is, you cannot just do it by yourself only means you need someone to help you such as internet, institutes, libraries etc. always think of it is institutes of the desired language is available in your area, is it any app or site are offering online course, libraries can be the best option if you want to learn and don't want to invest money in institutes or colleges, is there any information,pdf files flash cards, videos, images etc are available or not because it will be the most important thing if you want to become foreign language speaker. 
so these are the three tips which can help you to choose what is the best language to learn. Lastly, I will share my best opinion and it's completely up to you, that you want to apply it or not.
I've faced the same issue in choosing a language but I've ended up choosing JAPANESE Language with the help of these three tips mentioned above and I must say if you choose one of the East Asian languages then it will be the best option for you because of the less competition, various career options for Japanese language speaker in India, Us, Japan etc. and you can find many options in freelancing work as well and plus point is there are too many websites and also YouTube channels are offering courses for free or for a reasonable amount. 
So, you can also think about the Japanese language as well as Chinese and Korean.

in the next article, I will clear the doubts why Japanese is different from Chinese and Korean and other languages. 

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