What are the benefits of learning Japanese ?

advantages of learning japanese language

Frequently ask questions are :

  1.  What are the benefits of learning Japanese vs   Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Korean etc. ?
  2.  Why should learn the Japanese language?
  3. What makes the Japanese language different from other foreign languages?

The answer is Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. are the East Asian languages and the most amazing and toughest part of it is they have their own scripts which will make you highlighted from the crowd... 

importance of learning Japanese language In India
Japanese language is the best option for a career because of Japanese language demand in India as we know that Japan and India are really doing well and many MNC's have tied up with Japanese companies and the plus point is few people can continue with the Japanese language because in the starting Japanese language seems to be the toughest language as it includes three type of scripts hiragana, katakana, kanji which we'll talk about later and there are many best reasons to learn Japanese like these ones:-

  • Japan and China are the Leading countries who create the latest technology but they need English speaker who knows their language as well as English because its too tough for them to speak an English language that is why most of the Japanese company or Multinational Companies hire people who can speak Japanese as well as English so this is one of the benefits of studying Japanese language.
  • Not Only Indians but all English speakers can opt the Japanese language because English speakers demand is too high in Japan and in translation, interpretation jobs. 

But You have to be more focused in Learning a new language although its fun but if you are earnest or learning Japanese language for the career option then it is very different and perfect choice but it demands practice and hell lot of hard work but once you clear the exams you will find it amazing the most interesting language you can ever come across because it's my personal experience. With NihonGo Learn you can definitely achieve your goal soon.

NihonGo learn


  1. Hi,

    Came across your blog via Quora about learning Japanese. I am interested in learning Japanese (N5 & N4) and need your advice how to go about to do the same.
    Please guide me. kashokkumar@gmail.com


  2. いい作部だと思っています😊。好きです👍。今、日本語を勉強しています。さすかです。

  3. いい作部だと思っています😊。好きです👍。今、日本語を勉強しています。さすかです。

  4. I am much interested in learning Japanese language .please guide me Sir .

    1. akshaytaware2015@gmail.com is my e-mail ID

  5. Can u please recommend a good institute for the same!

  6. What will be the starting package after n1 certification??


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